Transforming Messages into Mass-Appealing Content

Harnessing Authenticity and Connection for Engaging Content Creation

True Collabo

Meet our dynamic duo with over 20 years of combined experience in content production and cultural development. Armed with film, photography, and web design, they translate clients' messages into captivating visuals, fostering meaningful connections and unity. Rooted in cultural understanding, they skillfully craft authentic narratives that leave a lasting impact. Adapting to new technologies and trends, their creative prowess knows no bounds. With dedication and a keen eye for detail, they elevate projects, helping clients forge strong bonds and create a lasting digital legacy.

Bernd Hinz

Meet Bernd Hinz, our seasoned filmmaker with 15 years of expertise and a background in environmental engineering, bringing a unique perspective to True Collabo. Bernd has made a global impact in music videos and documentary filmmaking, working with entities like ARTE, Mont Blanc, Jimmy Choo, and Kid Ink. His lens captures diverse cultures and landscapes, showcasing a rich tapestry of locations. Beyond his global portfolio, Bernd is committed to social and refugee work, using his skills for impactful documentaries. His international experience and adaptability make him a key asset to our dynamic team at True Collabo. In addition to his diverse portfolio, Bernd has produced over 100 image films for businesses of all sizes, solidifying his role as a creative force within our team.

Felix Rohde

Meet Felix Rohde, our skilled photographer with a decade of experience and a diverse background. With a foundation in architecture and a history as a startup founder in the real estate game, Felix brings a unique blend of creativity and business acumen to True Collabo.

Beyond capturing striking images, Felix is the guy who ensures everyone feels comfortable on set, creating a welcoming atmosphere. With an adept skill for asking the right questions during interviews, he is passionate about crafting compelling narratives. Felix's expertise extends to web design, showcasing a multifaceted talent that enriches our creative endeavors.

His greatest strength lies in connecting with people, making him an invaluable asset to our team. Felix Rohde's ability to blend his technical and interpersonal skills underscores his commitment to excellence at True Collabo, where his passion for creating outstanding images and web design shines through.


Meet our freelancers: Maik, a rising star in filmmaking, and Daniel, a seasoned photographer and technical writer, both dedicated to excellence in every project.

Richard Hill
Film & Post Production

Meet Richard, a dynamic individual with 5 years of hands-on experience blending technical expertise and artistic flair, contributing a unique perspective to True Collabo's innovative team.

Daniel Klinger
Photography &
Technical Writing

Meet Daniel, our experienced freelance photographer and technical writer, ensuring excellence in every project with a decade of expertise.


Meet our freelancers: Maik, a rising star in filmmaking, and Daniel, a seasoned photographer and technical writer, both dedicated to excellence in every project.

Maik Zang
Film &

Meet Maik, our budding freelance filmmaker and post-production talent, already impressing with a fresh perspective on every project.