Sveaverken is looking to create a series of videos featuring the RoboPusher Nimbo - Vision-guided Feed Pusher Robot with a customer testimonial. The goal is to showcase the RoboPusher Nimbo in action, and illustrate the difference it makes in dairy farmers’ lives.

The opportunity

In a whirlwind of creativity and efficiency, Sveaverken entrusted us with a unique opportunity—to produce a testimonial film for their groundbreaking product, the RoboPusher Nimbo. With just one day at our disposal, we embraced the challenge wholeheartedly

This opportunity not only showcased the prowess of our content production agency but also allowed us to capture the essence of innovation and efficiency that defines the RoboPusher Nimbo.

It was a chance to translate the remarkable features of this vision-guided feed pusher robot into a visual story, ready to be unveiled at an agriculture fair the very next day. This project stands as a testament to our ability to seize opportunities and deliver impactful content under tight deadlines.

What we did

In the tight confines of a single day, we immersed ourselves in the world of a dedicated dairy farmer, utilizing the soft embrace of available light to capture the unscripted energy of farm life. Our mission was clear: to authentically portray the synergy between the farmer and the transformative RoboPusher Nimbo.

From the tranquil dawn to the serene sunset, our cameras shadowed the farmer through the ebb and flow of his daily routine. Candid interviews formed the heart of our storytelling, allowing the farmer's unfiltered enthusiasm for the RoboPusher Nimbo to unfold naturally.

In the editing suite, we intricately intertwined the farmer's narrative and the impactful presence of the Robo Pusher Nimbo, purposefully framing each scene in the warmth of available light to craft a visual testimonial that not only radiates trust but also preserves the high energy and genuine connection established during the interview, resulting in a compelling journey portraying the Robo Pusher Nimbo as integral to the farmer's daily life, fostering authenticity and trust with the audience.

The outcome

Our relentless dedication and creative synergy birthed an outcome beyond expectations—a harmonious blend of visual storytelling. The resulting Imagefilm seamlessly marries the beauty of farm life with the authenticity of the farmer's testimonial, creating a captivating narrative resonating with genuine emotion.

The film gracefully unfolds, capturing the RoboPusher Nimbo in action against the idyllic backdrop of the dairy farm. Carefully harnessed available light lends natural warmth to scenes, enhancing authenticity.

Intertwined with stunning visuals is the heartfelt testimonial of the dairy farmer, articulating the profound impact of the RoboPusher Nimbo on his daily operations. This combination of striking imagery and genuine storytelling culminates in an Imagefilm that not only showcases the product's features but also immerses the audience in the farmer's experience—a compelling portrayal of innovation and its transformative power in the world of dairy farming.

The Testimonial Film

Experience innovation and farm life in our compelling Imagefilm. The RoboPusher Nimbo, beautifully showcased against a scenic dairy farm backdrop, takes you on a journey of authenticity. More than just a film, it's a testament to the transformative power of innovation in agriculture.

The Scoial Cut Testimonial

Sveaverken's one-day RoboPusher Nimbo testimonial film highlights our capacity for impactful content creation under tight deadlines. The featured farmer, Achim Behrens, adds a compelling narrative to showcase the innovation and efficiency of the product in agriculture.

The Scoial Cut Product

Presenting our second short video for Sveaverken's RoboPusher Nimbo—spotlighting the product's innovation and efficiency. In seconds, witness the agricultural revolution unfold.

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" Hi team! Big thanks for the amazing video! it’s truly impressive! 🤩 We are sincerely moved by the incredible work you’ve put into our video project. Your talent shines through. 👍👍👍 "

Aurora Kang

Marketing Manager, Sveaverken